Harmony OS 2.0; Huawei’s New Operating System!

You may also be wondering what is Huawei OS or Harmony OS 2?, In this article, we will fully explain Harmony OS to you, the main point is that when it comes to mobile operating systems, iOS and Android operating systems are still at the top and If Huawei wants to compete with these two powerful operating systems, it must show completely different and new changes; Let’s take a look at this new operating system, ie Harmony OS 2, stay tuned to Technelo.

Topics You Will Read At This Article:

  • Why Harmony OS?
  • What Is Harmony OS 2.0?
  • New features Of Harmony OS 2.0
  • Is Harmony OS Better Than Android?
  • Will My Phone Get HarmonyOS 2?
  • Is Harmony OS 2.0 Secure?
  • Harmony OS 2 Release Date
  • Devices that will support Harmony 2.0


Harmony OS 2.0

Why Harmony OS?

Given that the Android operating system has no competitors, and also iOS, which is an exclusive Apple operating system, is the only option available to phone manufacturers to market their products using the Android operating system; It seems that due to the trade restrictions imposed by the United States on Huawei and the second reason being the lack of a serious competitor to the Android operating system, Huawei intends to be the next generation of smartphone operating systems.


What Is Harmony OS 2.0?

This is an open source operating system designed by Huawei. The operating system is built to work seamlessly across multiple devices, known as the All-Scenario Strategy. This operating system is fully compatible with a variety of devices such as smartphones and tablets, wearable smart devices, fitness and health devices, smart TVs and home appliances and other products that support harmony OS 2, and you can fully use them in a section that we will mention in more detail below.

New Features Of Harmony OS 2.0

At the HDC conference, Huawei mentioned some of the features of the new Harmony operating system that we will review together:

Adaptable user interface based on device screen dimensions

Enhanced security capabilities

Use a shared map and routing system on your smartphone and watch

Processing read and write speeds faster than Samba, Spotlight and iOS

In addition to the above mentioned in the new operating system Harmony 2; Huawei has also introduced new features in common with devices that support the Harmony operating system, which we will review in more detail below:

Integration With Smart Devices


1. New Control Panel From Harmony OS 2 

Huawei plans to introduce its Echo system with higher speed and quality than before in its new operating system; A new section that has been added to this operating system helps you to transfer the image of your smart phone to your tablet, mobile or any other smart device with just a single touch. The interesting thing is that you can access your Windows system environment. Find and transfer any information or file you want to your smartphone in an instant.

This new feature does not end in this section; One of the special parts of this feature is when connecting a handsfree or speaker to a smartphone, which automatically stops playing music when receiving a call and is transferred to the incoming call.

You might say that transferring images to smart devices is not a new thing and you can do it on Android, but also note that when you want to use Android; There are limitations, for example: you can not transfer the file to Windows and you only have the image, or if you want to connect to your TV screen, you have to connect the software with your smart device every time, or sometimes from certain software Use to connect; Huawei has lifted the restrictions and you can connect to your smart devices with a hint in the Super Device feature.

2. Use routing system and map jointly in smart devices

Other interesting features of OS 2 Harmony include a new routing and mapping system that you can share with your smartwatch; Suppose you are in a situation where you can not hold your smartphone and check the route at any time, so in this section you can continue your route with the help of a smartwatch.
Also with taxi request software when requesting a taxi, you can as before; Use your smartwatch to track the current route of the driver and request a taxi when your smartphone is not available.


Updated Capabilities In The New Harmony OS



  • Battery Optimization While Playing

If you have experience working with Harmony OS, you will notice stunning graphical changes. Huawei has introduced the DGraphicEngine processor specifically for the Harmony OS 2; It can be said that the new graphics feature that Huawei has introduced reduces the pressure on the GPU and CPU of the device and makes it run smoother and also optimizes the battery when performing heavy graphics tasks.

  • New Home Screen

The new Home Screen helps you to access the software more easily and quickly, and hide any widget of the software you want to add to the home screen by swiping to different parts of the home screen.

  • Widgets In Several Modes

You can use the software widget in different forms and more dimensions, by adding different modes to the updated widget you can use the software
Have faster and easier access and use it without opening the software.

  • System Data Management

Loading and managing the system in harmony is 2 to 1.2 times faster than the Spotlight of the Apple operating system and 4 times faster than Samba; According to Huawei, the RAM management system in Harmony OS 2; It is implemented in such a way that even when the RAM memory is full when running heavy software, you can easily use your smartphone for up to 3 years without delay and at a smoother speed than before!


Is Harmony OS Better Than Android?

According to Huawei, Harmony will have faster operating speeds and lower battery consumption than Android. It also has almost the same similarities with the Android operating system, but unlike Android, the Harmony ecosystem looks better and stronger than Android.

The number of lines of code written in Harmony is one thousandth of Android, and for this reason, Huawei emphasizes that the new Harmony operating system will be more compatible with smart devices; Because only the beta version of Harmony OS 2 has been released so far and there are going to be a lot of changes to the full version of Huawei’s new operating system, however, it can not be said at the moment that Huawei’s operating system will be better than Android and Accurately compared the two operating systems, but one thing is clear: Harmony 2 will have a smoother speed than Android.


Will My Phone Get HarmonyOS 2?

Due to the open source nature of the Harmony 2, which will be supported by the Open Atom Foundation, other smartphone companies and developers will also be able to access Huawei’s new operating system.


Is Harmony OS 2.0 Secure?

Huawei operating system security is highly acceptable and has been able to receive the CCEL5 + security certificate, which shows that it has appeared strongly in the security sector.

Will User information Protected After Upgrading To Harmony OS 2?

User information when updating to OS 2 Harmony OS is safe and not a cause for concern, but it is better in any case it is better to always have a backup version of your programs and software; Huawei also follows open source licensing rules, so users will have no problem using their Android software after upgrading their system to Harmony 2.

Harmony OS 2 Release Date

A beta version of Harmony 2 is currently available, and you can also get the full version of the operating system, which will be released in early June 2021.


Devices That Support Harmony OS 2

You can get a long list of devices that support Harmony 2 by visiting the Huawei Central website at the bottom of the link.

Huawei Central Devices List




Huawei seems to be the next generation of smart device operating systems; This operating system, which is exclusively for Huawei, is still in its infancy and you should give it a little time to show its full performance; Also, at the moment, comparing harmony with a fully programmed EMUI does not seem right because harmony still has a long way to go to reach its peak version; Considering all these reasons, do you think Harmony can overtake Android?

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