InShot Tutorial ,Edit Photos And Videos Professionally !

Inshot is one of the softwares highly recommended to any person who has a special interest in editing videos and photos. Learning Inshot is the first step to start editing photos and videos professionally. In this article, We intend to say InShot tutorial this article step by step; Stay tuned to Technelo.

InShot tutorial

As you can see in the photo, when running Inshot software, you face 3 options for editing, which have photo, video, and collage workspaces.

First, to learn video editing, click on the video option and enter the video workspace.

Video Editing

1. How To Select A Video From Gallery For Editing?

Click on the video option, then click on New on the page that opens; you will enter a page that shows you the photos and videos in the gallery. After selecting the desired photo or video, enter the main editing environment to edit the video.

2. Familiarity With Editing Options In Inshot


  • TEXT
  • PIP
  • FLIP



Using this option, you can prepare your video in different frames and dimensions for editing, which also supports Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok templates; Also, if you have not been able to find the dimensions you want, you can select the frame and dimensions you want by zooming in on the video or giving it direction.

Like the Canvas option described, there is a crop section that you can also use this option to resize the video.


Music is an option that should be present in most editor software; using this option. You can select your favorite music for use in video

According to the photo, you can add recorded music and files to your video

1) Clicking on the music option opens a new window where you can use the music prepared in this shot or special effects for music, and you can even separate the sounds from the videos in your gallery for use in the video.

2) In the second part, which is shown in yellow, you can add the recorded audio files to use in the video.


In this section, selecting the Sticker option opens a new page in which you can select different photos and add them to your video by clicking on the <+> section.
In the gifs search section, you can also use the existing gifs and animated stickers on InShot.


The next option is Text, which you should naturally be able to use to add certain texts and emojis to your video and display them animated in your video.

With several options in this section, you can use text in different colors and even shade; you can also add different fonts to the Inshot program, use your text with different fonts in the video.


Other options that can be used in movie editing include the existing filters, the filters used in this software allow you to change the appearance of the video and show the video in different modes; in addition, Depending on the photo, you will see two other options, Effect and adjust, in the image, which you can add different effects to your video and control the contrast mode, brightness, sharpness, heat, and saturation in the video.



Precut is another important tool in InShot that you can cut your video; Clicking on it opens a page that has 3 different options of cutting type: Trim, Cut, and Split; Each of these are used to cut video.

In Trim and Cut modes, we have almost the same cut model, and when you want to cut certain parts of the video, you can use these tools, but in the Split section, this option helps you when you want to use the special effects and Specify certain filters or changes in the video, for example from 10 seconds to 20 seconds of the video.



The Delete option is used on InShot when you do not like the effect or changes you have made to the video or the video you have added, and you can delete them by clicking on them and then clicking on the Delete option.


This option adds the background to the video; click on the background to see a page with different sections such as BLUR, and the color of the background color or blur to match the selected video or photo is available.

You can select different photos to select the background for video editing by clicking on the photo selection section shown in the BLUR box.


One of the important things in video editing is adjusting the video speed, with which you can increase or decrease the video playback speed.

By clicking on this option, you will see an orange bar that you can drag the bar to the left and right of the numbers written to adjust the speed of the video, the higher the number written and the white display on the orange bar. The color goes to a higher number, the video speed will increase, and when you go to a lower number, the video will become slow motion.


You can use this option in the edits that you need the sound of your selected music to be louder than the sound of the video, and according to the video you see, you can control the volume of the video by dragging the purple bar to the left or right.


In some cases, you need to reuse the video and you want to have another copy of the selected video, in which case you can use this option. When you click on this option, a copy of the selected video will be added to the worksheet of InShot.


Using video in reverse mode is one of the features that you can use in this shot. By clicking on this option, the software will automatically show you the video in reverse mode.



By clicking on the Rotate option, you can rotate the video in the modes you see in the video.


You can use the Flip option to change the direction of the video in a mirror mode; according to the video you see, by clicking on this option, the video will automatically switch to glass mode.


The last option used in this shot for video editing will be the Freeze option

Use this section to immobilize the part of the video you want; For example, go to the part of the video that you want to remain motionless and click on this option, then go to the part where you want the video to continue motionless and click on this option again; Optionally, the duration of the selected video will be immobilized.

Note: You can change the time of the immobilized part

3. Familiarity With Collage Option In Inshot


According to the video, in the collage section, you can put several photos together in different modes and add a border and turn it into a photo and get output.

Can I Make A Video With Photos And Edit Them In Video Workspace?

By clicking on the video workspace in the software input section, you can select your photos from the gallery and edit them in the form of a video with the options available in the video work environment.

How Many Videos Can I Add To The Video Workspace For Editing?

You can select any video you want from the gallery and even prioritize which video is at the beginning of the edit

How To Recover Deleted Videos Or Effects?

By clicking on the left-hand indicator at the bottom of the toolbar, you can restore and reuse videos or effects that have been deleted incorrectly.

How Do I Save An Edited Video? Can I Save With High Quality?

Once you have edited the video, you can click on the SAVE option from the video workspace at the top right and then save the video quality from 240 pixels to 4K at 60 frames and 30 frames per second.

Note: however, that 4K quality is available in the premium version of this software, and only up to 1080 quality can be saved for free.

Are All Effects And Filters Or Gifs On InShot Usable For Free?

Most of the effects and features that are in these shots are monetary and you can use the features of this software for a small amount on a monthly or even annual basis, which in my opinion is worth buying once, considering the features it has.

It can be a very useful software for beginners and those who are interested in editing

How Can I Download InShot Software?

Download link from App Store for iOS version

Download link from Google Play for Android version


Inshot Tutorial helps you to produce audience-friendly and at the same time professional content. You can earn a lot of money by attracting more audiences, so if you are looking for a simple and attractive way to do this, prioritize learning and using Inshot software.

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