Popular Voila Software; Have Your Cartoon And Animation Photos!

By now, you may have wanted to take cartoon and animated photos of yourself and have done so with various software such as Photoshop, but you did not get good results. For example, the output of the edited photo was of low quality. In this article, we want to introduce you to WEmagine.AI AI software, Voila, which can provide you with quality cartoon and animated photos; In the following, we will introduce this software in more detail.

Voila Software

What Is The Use Of Voila Software?

This application has the ability to convert your photos into four special modes:

  • Renaissance
  • 3D Cartoon
  • 2D Cartoon
  • Caricature

In the Voila app, add a portrait or selfie to a gallery, and then turn them into attractive two-dimensional or three-dimensional cartoon images, as well as cartoons as well as images similar to old paintings.
Note that the photos used are not half-face and use the photo in full face. Its cartoons are very much like Pixar characters, hand-drawn cartoons, as well as European Renaissance paintings. Sounds attractive, doesn’t it?

Does VOILA Software Have Usage Restrictions?

Restrictions on the use of this software can be seen in certain areas that may not seem so important, such as the watermark next to the photo that you can not delete or not removing the ads seen inside the software can also be annoying.


Is Voila Free?

Voila is free and you can easily use this application and fun software; Also, if you want to remove ads and watermarks in the software, you must provide the Premium version of this software.

Is Voila Safe?

There were many face change software that was accused of abusing users’ information; The developers of the Voila app have stated that they are committed to protecting the privacy of their users and will follow clear and strict rules in this area, and there is no need to worry.

How Can I Have Voila App?

You can download the software in two ways through the following links:

Download iOS version
Download Android version

Prerequisites for this software to be installed on the system will be as follows:
At least Android is required for version 5 and for iPhone users, iOS 11 and above



Voila is one of the most popular software in the category of face change and compared to other software that only has the part of turning face to cartoon mode, in Voila software, by adding cartoon parts and turning into renaissance photos, it has been able to become one of the most popular of its kind, do you have experience using this software? Do you think Voila functionality is acceptable?

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