Spotify Greenroom, Another Competitor To Club House!

Spotify Greenroom is a new application like Club House, The thing that makes Club House different from other social networks is that you can not send photos, videos or text, you can have a group meeting with this application and talk about a specific topic, now with Due to the special popularity of Club House, most social networks such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Reddit and Discord are also looking to create programs to compete with Club House; Meanwhile, Spotify has added the Green Room feature to its services, which you will see in more detail below.

Spotify Greenroom

What Is Spotify Greenroom?

It is a similar version to Club House and you can form groups and discuss various topics with your friends, The purpose of creating a Greenroom on Spotify was initially just to form groups about sports conversations, but now you can create and discuss groups on a variety of topics; According to Spotify, you will be able to publish recorded voice chats as podcasts, but in the clubhouse, for security reasons, voice chats are only stored in the software’s own memory and users do not have access to them, and after a while they are deleted, There is another notable and different point in Spotify Green Room than Club House, which includes requesting to activate or deactivate text messages from the manager of chat rooms.

Also in Greenroom, you will be able to earn money by hosting chat rooms, which Spotify has not yet provided more detailed information.

Prohibited Content In Chat Rooms

  • Sexual content
  • Racist content
  • Hateful content
  • Encourage and invite others to violence
  • Promote self-harm and suicide and harassment of others

Note: If you see any of these, you can report it to Spotify and the offending user’s loan will be closed.

Special Tips On Using Greenroom

  • If you open the chat group and do not close it, the room will always be open.
  • In Greenroom you can change the username only once and then you have to email Spotify.
  • The administrator in Greenroom is only one person, and if the administrator chooses another person as the administrator, he / she will leave the chat room as an administrator.
  • You can rename each room after creating it.
  • You can give feedback to the developers and administrators of Greenroom by shaking the phone.
  • cannot have a voice chat room at the same time as the clubhouse in Greenroom.
  • Currently, the limit of each room for the presence of users is 1000 people, but in the club house, this number is 8 thousand people

How Can I Join A Room?

In the search section of Greenroom you can find your favourite group; enter and start chatting with the permission of the chat room manager, or special live chat rooms, you can also create chat rooms and invite your friends; One of the interesting points in creating a chat room group is that if a person who is present in your chat room and tries to create a chat room, Spotify will notify you with a notification that someone from your group has created a new chat room and Suggests you to join the group

Do I Need Spotify Account To Use Greenroom?

You can use Green Room in Spotify in two ways; In the first method, you can enter the Spotify software and create an account, then the chat room section will be activated for you.
In the second method, you can install the software for Green Room and use it

Note: You do not need a premium version of Spotify to use Greenroom and beware of scammers

Where Is Greenroom Available?

The Green Room app will be available in all countries where Spotify is active

How Can I Get Spotify Greenroom?

Greenroom is available in two versions, iOS and Android, which you can access and use this application using the following links:

Download iOS Version

Download Android Version



Considering the special and different features that Green Room offers, we can consider this software as a serious competitor for Club House. Can this software attract users’ attention and appear strong?

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