Star Citizen Game; Space Exploration Simulation Game For PC!

If you are also very interested in space and astronomy, do not miss this article, the video game that we are going to introduce that show space well and can transfer the enjoyable experience of space travel to you, The exact details of the space used in these games can greatly excite the user, together we will review this exciting Space Exploration Simulation Game.

Star Citizen

Star Citizen Video Game

Star Citizen Trailer

Let’s review our best space exploration game that will be more closer to reality than other ones and also one of the popular games:

Star Citizen Gameplay

Star Citizen game is one of the biggest projects in history that is implemented with public and public investment, it should be noted that Star Citizen will not be an ordinary game and all the efforts of the creators are to make this game realistic.

The interesting part of the game is where the story part of the single-player mode in Star Citizen gameplay will not be limited to several hours and every two weeks you will experience a new story part of the single-player game mode, this case conveys the feeling of the real person of the game to you; you can search for unknown parts of the space with various spacecraft that you can buy in the game.


Note: The story section of Star Citizen has not been completed yet, and the story section in single-player mode means adding missions and surfing the game maps in open-world mode and multiplayer mode with your friends.
In the following, we will give more details about the story section of Star Citizen.

Also, due to the more physical game environment in the game graphics section, a lot of attention has been paid to details, and this has caused the planets, cities, and various phenomena in the world of Star Citizen to be more complete and accurate than any other space exploration games. Experience more; In the following, we will tell more details about the gameplay, story parts of the game, characters, and game maps.

Star Citizen Story Mode

Due to the fact that the alpha version of Star Citizen is available, but after 6 years, the story section of the game has not been released yet, and despite COVID 19, the process of making the story section has been delayed.

Star Citizen Story Mode Trailer

Of course, the development team of Star Citizen has said that they do not want to publish a game with technical problems and want to work with more focus and high accuracy in the story section of the game. You can watch the trailer of the story section of Star Citizen called Squadron 42, which has The storyline is exciting and the details are very interesting, it is also said that the story section of the game will have 70 parts. If you pay a little attention, some interesting points are mentioned; Due to the poor performance of Cyberpunk 2077, the cyberpunk game development team could not satisfy its fans due to the rush to release the game, and the Star Citizens game development team does not want to give such a bitter experience to their fans.

The director of Star Citizen has said about this:

“As a director, I do not want to limit the team’s opportunities by announcing the release date of the game’s story section, and I will not allow all the ideas of Cloud Imperium Games and its members to be implemented in the game, although the development team Squadron 42 and I would like to get this game to the audience as soon as possible, but the rush to complete the story part of the game wastes the effort of the development team and does not allow Squadron 42 to be huge and attractive, to reach the audience, After completing the story section of the game, we will announce the time of its release”.


Single Player Section Of Star Citizen Game

In the single-player section, we start the game with being open-world; Existence of the third person and first-person mode in the game, having different spaceships, and adding multiplayer mode in the game that you can continue the missions and stages of the game with your friends is one of the interesting parts of Star Citizen game.

It is interesting to know that the game missions do not have a storyline and are variable; For example, when you are on a mission with your spacecraft and you want to move a packet from one place to the main base, another person may be looking for the packet and you may have to deal with that person. in more detail below, We will explain each section.

1. Star Citizen Maps

You can go to different parts of the planets without any map limit in the game and it will not be limited to one planet, in one of the game planets called Horston; We will see a variety of maps of the planet that the planet will have different areas such as acidic areas, areas littered with dense garbage, vast mines, green plains and slum areas.

One of the interesting points that can be seen in Star Citizen maps is showing unauthorized places in space that you can access from time to time by adding new maps; In fact, the game developers want to make the game look natural and realistic in a way that you can hardly object to, also with the cinematic state of the planets and the atmosphere of space, the user will be more excited.

2. The Physicality Of The Star Citizen

From the physicality of the Star Citizen game, it can be said that there is no Fast travel in Star Citizen, and to move around the map, we can mention the items that you can travel to different cities by subway in the game, or to move between planets through the quantum drive system.

The use of the quantum system drive represents the use of the speed of light in space; Also, to get a place in Star Citizen cities, you have to take the subway at certain times, and if you arrive late, you will miss the subway. Another interesting example of the game’s physicality is paying attention to the character’s physical health, So as not to suffer physical injuries you had to eat food or drink at the appointed time; You need to have the special clothes of that planet according to the specific weather conditions, also in some planets, the temperature can even reach minus 200 degrees or positive 200 degrees.

Game NPCs are also one of the things that game developers pay special attention to and try to program them as intelligently as possible so that players have a special experience in Star Citizen.

The creators of Star Citizen have made the physics used in the game so natural that you can also change the details of the spacecraft; Even when leaving the space station, you must first request that the spacecraft be present at the space station and then request the opening of the exit doors, and after confirming the request, you can proceed to leave the space station with the spacecraft, One by one, the items you see from the spacecraft in the photo can be changed. You can also use the game character and the spacecraft in the game in the third person mode. If we want to explain more about the physicality of the Star Citizen game; we have to dedicate the whole article to this section, which would be insane!

3. Multiplayer Mode In Star Citizen

You can experience the multiplayer mode in the Star Citizen game both with your friends online and as a single-player online; In the multiplayer section, you can ride a spaceship with your friends and each of you has a specific task, for example, some people take control of the spacecraft and the rest take control of the spacecraft weapons, of course, a multiplayer style game. It depends on the missions that you all have to approve in order to continue the mission.

You will be able to go to different cities of the game on different planets and perform missions related to the city in groups, you can also communicate with each other through the Voice section in the game and play more tactically and professionally.

4. Star Citizen Game Characters And Character Personalization

The most attractive part of personalization in Star Citizen is the part where you can transfer your face to the character of the game; Regarding the change of the face of the game character, it can be said that the creators of the game have given access to the players that you can change the face of the game character in different ways and change it to your liking.

There are also different costumes for each part of the game and you can wear the costumes for each planet and search the space.

As you can see in the published video; The personalization of players’ weapons is also very carefully programmed and you can install and use all kinds of attachments to the weapon as you wish; You can buy attachments in the store section that is available in the game.

Can I Play Star Citizen For Free?

Star Citizen is not free at the moment and you can buy Star Citizen for $ 45.

How Can I Download Star Citizen?

By referring to the link:, to download the star citizen game; first, to download the installer of the game, you have to buy a starter package of the Star Citizen game; after downloading the game by RSI installer, you will be able to install star citizen and explore the space with your friends in the game.

Star Citizen System Requirements


  • OS: Windows 8.1 / Windows 10 (Latest Service Pack)
  • CPU: Quad-Core CPU – Intel: Sandy Bridge or later, AMD: Bulldozer or later, Core i7
  • GPU: DirectX 11 Graphics Card with 3 GB Ram
  • Memory: 16 GB
  • Storage: 70 GB HDD


  • OS: Windows 10 (Latest Service Pack)
  • CPU: Quad-Core CPU – Intel: Sandy Bridge or later, AMD: Bulldozer or later, core i9
  • GPU: DirectX 11 Graphics Card with 6+ GB Ram
  • Memory: 16 GB+DDR5
  • Storage: 70 GB SSD

Star Citizen Producers



The ambitious Star Citizen game, which can be considered a kind of space simulator, continues to receive public donations, which reached a staggering $ 350 million in early 2020 and is still growing rapidly; In April of this year, $ 4 million was donated to the Cloud Empire by gaming enthusiasts, and a month later, in May 2020, another $ 15 million went to the game’s creators; Also, to date, 3.5 million people have experienced Star Citizen. Do you think Star Citizen can keep its fans satisfied and continue to improve, unlike the cyberpunk game?

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