Adobe Lightroom Mobile Tutorial For Photo Editing!

Adobe Lightroom Mobile is an application for editing photo, that has tried its best to use features that make photo details such as shadow, color and contrast at their best to deliver the most natural photo to us; Let’s start with a simple photo and use every important features available for photo editing in the Lightroom mobile application step by step; We will also explain what effect each feature will have on the photo, In this article; Using this key features available in Lightroom Mobile, you can have a higher quality and more natural output of the photo.

Lightroom can extract details from the heart of a photo; This means that you can see certain details that are not visible in the photo for certain reasons, and work more closely on the details of the photo.

Lightroom Mobile

Select A Photo To Edit

The best way to edit photos in Lightroom Mobile software can be to use raw photos, some smartphones support RAW capability, but if your smartphone does not support this section; You can use a section called DNG in the software that can create raw photos.

Why Are Raw Photos Suitable For Editing?

This type of photo can be fully examined, ie all photo information remains intact and is not compressed; For example, you can easily edit very dark or very light areas where photo information is limited. Unlike JPEG files, which are compressed and less information is left after saving the image, which is not suitable for more accurate editing.

You Can Select The Photo In Raw Mode With Two Ways:

1. Raw format photo with phone camera; Selection from the gallery

2.Take photos of the environment with the camera section in the application and change the JPEG format of the photo to DNG mode; DNG mode is the same as shooting with Raw mode.

Familiarity With Editing Options In Lightroom mobile:

We describe the options used in the above photo editing and in the following we will explain the effect of each of these features in the photo:

  • Presets ( Visual effects )
  • Light ( Exposures and lighting )
  • Color ( White balance)
  • Color density ( Color compression )
  • Detail ( Remove photo noise )
  • Geometry ( Viewing angle correction )
  • Crop ( Resize photos )
  • Healing ( Remove photo appendages )
  • Selective ( Edit selected sections )

Let’s review this sliders and describe them, one by one:

1. Presets

Priests in Lightroom can be considered a kind of color filter for photos, but these filters are different from regular filters; After selecting the photo for editing in Lightroom, when you refer to the Priest section in the software, you will see premium and different image effects that you can see by selecting each of them to see their effect on the photo.
As you can see, we have used the Vintage instant visual effect, which you can see is different from the previous photo; Note that we used this filter to introduce and to continue editing the photo, we will not use this filter and return the photo to its previous state.

2. Light

Photometry in smartphones is done carefully, but in some cases for some reason the exposure of the photo is not suitable and the output of the photo becomes a darker or lighter photo, which you can correct with the Light section. The first option in the Light section is the Exposure option, with which you can significantly adjust the exposure of the photo.

You can see the effect of the slider in the photo by dragging the bar to the left or right; Other options in this section include Contrast, Highlights, Shadows, Whites and Blacks, each of which will have a specific effect on the exposure.
for example; Increase the exposure a bit to increase the brightness of the photo, then decrease the Highlights and Whites a bit to see more of the details hidden in the bright areas, also; We also increase the Shadows a bit so that the details hidden in the dark areas come out more, and in order to prevent the image from becoming pale, we reduce the amount of Black so that the plants also show themselves more.

3. Color

The options in the Color section can be divided into several sections that are used to adjust the colors; The first option in this section will be Temperature, which is used to adjust the yellow or blue color in the photo, this option is also used to create cold or heat, and then the second option, Tint, is used to adjust the green or purple of the photo.

Of course, in most cases, these two options are also used to add special effects to the photo.
In the Color section, it is better to use the dropper to adjust the colors in the photo to find a point that is neutral in terms of color, so that the Lightroom Mobile application automatically uses the most natural color to adjust the colors.

4. Color density

You have two options available to increase the color density and make the photo more prominent; The first option will be Vibrance and the next will be Saturation, the first option may be more suitable for adjusting the color density. The important thing in this section is that you should not increase or decrease the color concentration in the photo too much, because it makes the photo unnatural.

5. Detail

One of the annoying issues in photography can be the noise in the photo, which can also be due to the artificial increase of light, of course, the small size of the smartphone sensors is also one of the reasons for the noise in the photo.
keep in mind when using this filter is that you should not use too much noise reduction as it will cause the small details of the photo to fade or give a soft look to the faces of the people in the photo, of course you can use the filter Grain In the Effects section, fix the image softening mode.

6. Geometry

Photo perspective correction in mobile lightroom can be very useful, which due to the wide lens of smartphones, usually the image perspective is affected and takes an abnormal state. Using the Guided Upright option in the Geometry section, you can change the perspective mode of the photo by drawing a few lines; Guided Upright option is available in premium and paid mode of Lightroom Mobile application, which can be very useful.

7. Crop

Cutting in Lightroom Mobile is easier than other applications that you can most of the time fix the defects of the photo with just one cut, you can return to the main state of the photo frame with the Back option at the top of the application, which is shown as an arrow. Cut the photo from another position again.

8. Healing

Sometimes the fringe in the photo causes the photo to lose its beauty. When we talk about the fringe, we mean spots or small things in the photo and note that you can not remove a car or person from the image. One of the interesting parts in the mobile lightroom is Healing, which you can remove the details in the photo with precise details, and with the options in the healing section, you can control the intensity of removal, fading, as well as transparency.


9. Selective

In the last section, we will refer to the most interesting part of the software, namely Selective; If you want the viewer to look away from a certain part of the subject or pay more attention to a certain part of the photo, you can use Selective, we can say that all the parts we have described so far, namely all parts of color, color concentration, brightness adjustment and White balance can be used in this section.

You can highlight a specific part of the photo and make all the changes in that part. You can also change the transparency of the applied changes, with the Gradient option you can make the same changes in the sky-specific mode in an image that is related to nature.



How Can I Import The Edited Photo in Lightroom Mobile?

By clicking on the Share section at the top of the workspace, you can output your edited photo and as you can see in the photo; You can also change the file type, quality and file size and save the photo. There is also a watermark section in the output where you can create your own watermark and place it on your edited photo.

Does Lightroom Mobile App Have A Premium Or Paid Version?

It’s free to download onto a mobile device as an app (just called ‘Lightroom’), but the functionality is limited.
You can access more features by having the premium version of the Lightroom mobile application.

Is Lightroom Mobile Safe To Use?

Lightroom desktop app uploads all your original photos to the cloud. This means that all your photos are safely backed up.

How Can I Download Lightroom Mobile App?

By clicking on the icons below, you can download the Lightroom Mobile application for your smartphone and use it for free.

iOS Version




Android Version





The two key options for having a good output of an edited photo can be a different look at the photo with proper photo editing. With the right editing you can find the hidden features in the photo, remember that these features can be the strength of your photo; To what extent do you prioritize the Adobe Lightroom Mobile application due to its features? Do you think it can be a good option for editing photos?

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