Apple Officially Unveiled IOS 15 At An Online Event !

During the conference, Apple finally unveiled IOS 15 and talked about the attractive features added about this operating system, and considering the iOS 14 update presented last year and the main changes of the iPhone in iOS 14, expect We did not have many updates, but at WWDC 2021, which also discussed IOS 15;
We will probably see some small but interesting changes

IOS 15

To check out the changes in iOS 15 provided by the iPhone, stay tuned to

Spatial Sound Capability In Facetime

IOS 15 uses a new feature in FaceTime called surround sound

In addition, to surround sound, users also have access to noise cancellation on Facebook and can experience more natural sounds, Encryption of video calls in FaceTime will also be one of the new features of FaceTime.

Users can send contact links to people and schedule them. The exciting thing is that you can also interact with others from Facetime through the browser, and you do not need to have an Apple device to use this feature. IOS 15 in Facetime also lets you share music, movies, and content within the player when you call.

Focus | Do Not Disturb


Do not disturb has become more personal on the iPhone, and the focus feature has been added, which you can define when working with the device in different parts, for example, when playing games, calls, or notifications are shown to you or not.

Imessage Update


With the help of iMessage, users can send you links, web pages and news, music, and many other things, and you can also listen to the music sent by your friends in the designated section in iMessage, and in the same section iMessage, write your feedback and Your friends will also receive your message. New emojis are also available to support different hair colors and styles for a better and different chat experience.

According to the video above; In the imessage of the previous versions, you had to send the photos one by one, and this seemed a bit annoying. In the new update that will be released, you can send the photos as an album in a category to the desired person.

Photos Update


Live text feature in photos is another feature that has been added for IOS 15 and allows you to highlight and select text in the image, you can also use this feature in the apple news section.

Probably in the new iPhone operating system, images will also be displayed in Spotlight searches; Placing Apple Music songs in the image memories section will be another change in the photos section. In simpler terms, this feature intelligently selects a song from Apple Music and places it on the images and videos that have been combined.

You can also take a photo of a text that the device intelligently copies the text inside the photo for you, and you can copy it to another place, such as the Notes program, or call the number in the image, if necessary. Or translate texts by an in-house translator

Notifications Update

Notifications are redesigned, and IOS 15 will display notifications based on how users interact with apps, and you can prioritize notifications;

You will first see the notifications of the applications you use the most or have sent you important notifications; Almost similar to Android 11 in that we see that the user can prioritize their notifications as desired

The Wallet Section

The wallet will be wider

We all know that, this app now allows you to make your payments online without having to carry a physical wallet. In the new update that is to be provided, you will no longer need to carry a national card or certificate, and you can use them by scanning if necessary.

You will not even need to carry your keys and be able to open or close the front door of your house or car with UWB support; Companies such as BMW and the Hyatt Hotel are among the first companies to support this application and its attractive capabilities.

The Weather App

It can be said that this application will undergo many changes and completely change, showing the amount of air pollution, displaying climate change and the atmosphere in an animated way are some of the new things that have been considered in IOS 15

Changes Applied In Safari

Swapping Between Tabs In Safari !

Safari allows you to access the desired tab by moving the tabs, and also tab grouping will be among the other items that are to be added to Safari, and you can add your desired tabs, like the Chrome app, in Categorize specific groups

Changes Applied In Apple Maps

The maps application in iOS 15 can be much more useful than before, and the animation mode has been improved, and you will have the experience of seeing important environments and buildings in 3D; According to the small points used in Maps, you can see the line that you are moving on the highway and it will offer you the nearest public places, subway stations and bus stations.


Devices That Will Support IOS 15

  • iPhone 12
  • iPhone 12 mini
  • iPhone 12 Pro
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • iPhone 11
  • iPhone 11 Pro
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • iPhone XS
  • iPhone XS Max
  • iPhone XR
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 8
  • iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone 6s
  • iPhone 6s Plus

Release Date Of IOS 15

Apple will release the iOS 15 beta to developers so they can update their apps with the latest iOS 15 features. The public release of iOS 15 beta will likely be in July.

Apple has announced that iOS 15 will be released this fall. The company usually unveils the next version of iOS at the same time as introducing new iPhones. If they have the same app this year, iOS 15 will be available in September.


We saw the new features that iPhone mentioned at WWDC 2021 for iOS 15; However, it seems that Apple has a lot of plans for the full version of iOS 15 to be released with the iPhone 13.
Which feature do you think is better and can make the iPhone more attractive than before?


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