Introducing The WatchOS 8 With New Features At WWDC 2021!

Other Apple introductions at the WWDC 21 Conference include Apple Watch 😀

WatchOS 8 with newer and more optimized features, background portraits, added focus; This feature has also been added in iOS 15, more access to the wallet, and several other things that we will see below.

WatchOS 8

Due to the different and attractive new updates from the Apple Watch, it is likely to increase the popularity of this operating system more than before. The first special feature added to the Apple Watch is the Mindfulness app.

1. The Breath App Has Now Been Renamed Mindfulness

The appearance of this software in WatchOS 8; Will be completely changed, and they will pay more attention to mental health and breathing exercises. By adding a new exercise called Reflex, the user can focus on various topics.

Each Reflex exercise in 1 minute with Various animations will be done; According to Apple, This app will make the user have a positive mentality. Mindfulness can detect the user’s excitement through the heartbeat and remind the user to Relax.

2. Redesigned Home App

In WatchOS 8 Home software will be redesigned, you will have more access to accessories in Home, access in Home will be as follows: You can see the person waiting behind your door with the help of Homekit and also You will also have access to CCTV cameras at home or work.

Turning lights on or off at home or accessing smart devices at home will also be among the changes in WatchOS 8

3. Portraits Watch Face And Photos Update

Interesting changes to photos include portrait photos for background use.

This time, Apple’s smartwatch will be able to crop high-quality portrait photos to create multi-layered watch faces for background use; As you can see in the photo, portrait photos have been used for the background quite intelligently; In the Photos application, we will also have various changes to view and move between images, and we will be able to send and share images in the Messages and Mail apps via Share Sheet‌.

Note: By Referring To The Following Link, You Can Also Be Informed Of New Changes In iOS 15

Introducing IOS 15 At WWDC 2021

4. More Access To Wallet In WatchOS 8

Secure and fast payment in stores or subways using Wallet, which is also available in previous versions of the Apple Watch, is an interesting feature in Apple smartwatches.

In the new updates that are to be presented for these smartwatches, opening and closing the doors of hotels, workplaces, and homes and even the doors of some cars will be some of the interesting points of this update; Introducing an ID card or certificate to Wallet will also be one of the things that make us not use them physically.
Of course, this update is also going to be released for iOS 15 too.

5.Respiration Rate During Sleep

In previous versions, the Apple Watch also contributed to the user’s health by measuring sleep time, heart rate and blood oxygen.

WatchOS 8 provides users with more insight into their overall health by tracking sleep respiration, the number of breaths per minute. The Apple Watch uses an internal accelerometer to measure sleep respiration, and this information can be found in the app. Health observed on iPhone.

This criterion is also available for use by HealthKit licensed developers.

6. Focus Feature In WatchOS 8

Focus on WatchOS 8 is an advanced Do Not Disturb mode that will also allow you to customize, and you can select one of the available modes when using Focus and define the smartwatch as working or studying or You are rested and you can also turn off the sent notifications using focus.

One of the interesting points in Focus is that by using any case, the person who sends you a message will also inform your audience about your condition and you will not be able to respond to the current situation

7. Messages And Contacts Apps

Specific changes in the messaging software and the addition of contact software

Changes made to messages will allow you to use multiple emojis when sending a message, which in previous versions you could not use multiple emojis in message and also have access to gifs; You can send your favorite music to the desired person through the Apple Music app in the message

Adding contact software will also be part of Apple Watch updates and you will be able to search for a contact, add a contact and also send the contact directly through the software.

8. Added New Sports

Tai Chi and Pilates will be added to the Apple Watch, according to Apple, These new workout types are supported by powerful, validated custom-built heart rate and motion algorithms to provide users with accurate metrics.These new workout types are supported by powerful, validated custom-built heart rate and motion algorithms to provide users with accurate metrics.

In Fitness + software, a new trainer named Jeanette Jenkins has been added, with whom you can do sports exercises with music.

Additional Updates In WatchOS 8

  • Weather App

The Weather app now uses Weather Were notifications, using government warnings about some severe weather events, which also provides next-hour rain warnings.

  • Multiple Timers

With the addition of multi-timer mode, special timers can be set using Siri when cooking or using the laundry.

  • New Find Items APP

The new Find Items software can help you find a missing Apple device that has been logged in with the same Apple ID with the help of the Apple Watch, thanks to the new WatchOS 8 update.

  • Always On

According to apple, in watchOS 8, more Apple Watch apps support the Always-On display, including Maps, Mindfulness, Now Playing, Phone, Podcasts, Stopwatch, Timers, Voice Memos, and others. watchOS 8 is also making it easier for developers to keep their apps timely and relevant with a new Always-On API for third-party apps.

Devices That Will Support WatchOS 8

  • Apple Watch Series 3
  • Apple Watch Series 4
  • Apple Watch Series 5
  • Apple Watch Series 5
  • Apple Watch Se

Release Date Of WatchOS 8

According to previous updates from apple, it is expected that this update will first be in the hands of the company’s developers, and the beta version of this update will be released in July, and the full version will be released to the public this fall.

Apple Also Said About The Security Of The Provided Updates:

Apple believes privacy is a fundamental human right. Since privacy is particularly important for Health and identification, Health data is encrypted on device or in iCloud with iCloud sync. For identification, Identity Cards in Wallet are encrypted and securely stored in the Secure Element, the same hardware technology used to keep Apple Pay private and secure. Apple cannot see when or where digital IDs are presented when using a driver’s license or state ID.


Source: APPLE


Considering what has been said, it seems that we are going to see many useful changes in Apple’s popular and smartwatch, how about you? Do you think the updates that are to be provided are acceptable or not? Which updates do you like and are useful?

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